About Us
Game Changers is more than a dynamic, interesting place for your preteen or teen to grow in God’s Word! Game Changers exists to equip our youth to intimately know Jesus, grow in His Word, and influence the world for His glory. Game Changers meet every Sunday at 9:30 am to receive the Word, fellowship with peers, and learn to be an influence in this generation. All youth between the ages of 10-16 are welcome.
What is a Game Changer?
A game changer is defined as a newly introduced factor that changes an existing situation or system in a significant way. God has specifically designed your youth for impact in this generation. We believe that radical influence and change for Jesus will occur through your youth’s hands!
Being a Game Changer is ultimately first knowing THE Game Changer, Jesus Christ. This is an important time for your student to grow into the great destiny that God has in store for them. Our curriculum focuses specifically on God’s grace and His given identity to us through Jesus Christ. Your youth will be challenged and encouraged each week to grow in Jesus and to share Him with others.
Let’s Get Started
Now is the time for your youth to become a Game Changer! Set the pace for your youth’s bright future ahead. We look forward to having your youth join us!