Outreach is an important aspect of Brazen Grace. Outreach is just one of the ways churches thrive in communities and it gives us an experience with God’s purpose. And that purpose is spreading the Good News of Christ in word and deed in our community, country and the world. We believe we are all ministers of the new covenant and thank God that He has already anointed and appointed us for such a time as this.

In San Antonio, Brazen Cares has given clothing, meals and groceries to hundreds in the Eastside community. We continue to partner with local restaurants to not only feed the hungry and cloth the poor, but to save and heal them in our quarterly community outreaches.  Our Brazen Cares volunteer team reaches out to our neighbors as well. We have responded to natural disaster crisis, such as the Texas Floods of 2015 and recently Hurricane Harvey, in our Texas region by providing manual labor and resources to the physically and emotionally devastated victims and homes.

We have the privilege of hosting “Night of Freedom” at Crosspoint Incorporated where the captives are spiritually set free. Crosspoint Inc. is a federally funded halfway home for recently released Texas prisoners transitioning into civilian life. Powerful testimonies are shared each time and we individually minister and pray with each man and woman. Mass salvations, healings, and deliverances break out at each Night of Freedom. 

Brazen Cares in San Antonio is the Local Chapter of an international outreach ministry, Zack Cherian International Ministries.